Recent Research in Austen Genealogy

Jane Austen's Family Tree

In the early years of the 1950s Joan Corder wrote to as many Austen descendants as she could find, and received much valuable information in return. In Akin to Jane she recorded just short of 350 descendants of George and Cassandra Austen. In the sixty years since her work, the efforts of many people have combined to develop knowledge of Jane's family, and their social and professional connections.

I have a particular reason for studying the genealogy of the Austens - Jane's brother Frank was my 4th-great-grandfather. Using modern genealogical resources I have increased the tally of George and Cassandra Austen's descendants from Joan Corder's 350, to more than 1300. In July 2015 the database contains just short of 19,000 individuals. A great many of them were ancestors, while others were from collateral families, those of friends, and of other associates. Until such time as I find a better way to present this research, my entire database can be found online at RootsWeb, a subsidiary of Jane Austen's Family Tree. This link will open the website in a new browser window, separate from this site.

In addition, following every individual's entry in Akin to Jane there is a link to take the reader to their entry in the RootsWeb tree.

The focus of this Austen tree is on pedigrees, rather than on biography. Every name in the index or on an individual's page, if coloured blue, is clickable, but from there the value of the RootsWeb format is not immediately obvious. Selecting the name of either of a person's parents in the tree will bring up a family view, in which all sibling offspring are displayed together. The Descendancy and Pedigree tabs, found at the head and foot of every page, will take the reader to charts – a drop-down chart in the Descendancy view, displaying every descendant of a person in the record in a numbered list of up to ten generations; and a horizontal tree in the Pedigree view, showing every ancestor on record, with again up to ten generations per page. If necessary the Pedigrees are displayed across two or more pages; the arrows pointing off to the right of the page indicate that there is more to be seen in that particular line.

Reader, please be aware that the RootsWeb software often displays the orders of vital events and other dated events out of sequence. It isn't unusual, for example, to find a second marriage displayed before the first. Where I haven't known the date, I have tried to indicate the sequence. I am prepared to excuse this mix-up because I know of no other family history site that can generate full Pedigree and Descendancy charts, nor one that is so easy to search.

Ronald Dunning
February 2013
Revised July 2015