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Born December 16th 1775, at Steventon.
Privately baptized the following day.
Received into the Church at Steventon, April 5th 1776.
Educated at boarding schools in Oxford and Southampton, and at the Abbey School, Reading.
Her six great novels were:
1. Pride and Prejudice. (Originally titled First Impressions.)
Written 1796-1797.
Published 1813.
2. Sense and Sensibility. (Originally titled Elinor and Marianne.)
Begun in 1797.
Published 1811.
3. Northanger Abbey.
Written 1797-1798.
Sold to Crosby, the publisher - and advertised for publication as Susan. The manuscript and copyright were bought back, on Jane's behalf, by Henry Thomas Austen, in 1816.
Revised 1816.
Published (posthumously) with Persuasion, 1818.
4. Mansfield Park. Written 1811-1813.
Published 1814.
Second edition, revised and republished, 1816.
5. Emma.
Written 1814-1815.
Published 1816.

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