George and Cassandra Austen


Born May 1st 1731 at Tonbridge.
Educated at Tonbridge school and St Johns College, Oxford.
Fellow of St Johns College 1751.
Rector of Steventon, Hants; 1761-1805.
Rector of Deane, Hants; 1773-1805.
Married, April 26th 1764, at Walcot, Bath, Cassandra Leigh.
He died January 21st 1805 at Bath - and was buried at Walcot.
Memorial tablet in Walcot Church.
George Austen
The ancestry of George Austen


Born September 26th, 1739.
Younger daughter of the Rev. Thomas Leigh, Vicar of Harpsden, Oxford and Fellow of All Souls, Oxford.
Niece of Dr. Theophilus Leigh, Master of Balliol for more than 50 years.
She died, January 18th 1827 – and was buried at Chawton. (Epitaph page 218)
They had issue six sons and two daughters.
Cassandra Leigh
The ancestry of Cassandra Leigh
George and Cassandra's Marriage Certificate

The descendants of George and Cassandra Austen, more than 1200 on the current record.

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