Edward Knight's Family

Edward page 117

Jane Austen and Three Generations continued.

... along we were allowed a share in the family relationship, but were not expected, indeed hardly permitted, to appreciate our great-great-aunt's writing as those nearer her could. In fact, if we were 'Janeites', it must be in the modern fashion. All the same, my Aunt Caroline was both angry and indignant when one day, happening to be in a literary mood, I chanced to speak of 'Miss Austen' instead of 'Aunt Jane'.

Marianne Austen, later Knight. [2]
[Marianne Austen's full biography, from pages 117 to 119, is transcribed on a separate page.]

Born September 15th 1801.

'In the Summer of 1880, when I paid a fortnight's visit to my grandmother at Dane Court – Aunt May was staying there. She was probably on a long visit and seemed to be thoroughly established. I was greeted at the door by her, an active, light lively little lady in a white cap with lavender ribbons. She greeted me with great kindness and led me into the drawing-room, where grandmama lay on a sofa. Throughout my visit Aunt May was much in evidence, she took full part in the family life and being 'very witty', contributed much to its gaiety. On many mornings she took me for walk, chatting gaily all the while. She certainly enjoyed herself, darting from one side of the ...

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