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Lionel Knight Rice [3] continued.
... to be had in the Windrush, he finally rented a house in Witney, near Oxford where he spent the remaining years of his life.

His youthful spirit, love of all outdoors sports and capacity for enjoyment, added to his warmhearted affectionate nature endeared him greatly to his many nephews and nieces.'
– His niece, Miss Marcia Rice.

He died June 27th 1929 at Witney – and was buried in Tilmanstone Churchyard. (Epitaph page 248)
His wife died in December 10th 1938.
Lionel Knight Rice

Jane Austen and Three Generations

by her great-great-niece Marcia Alice Rice aged 84, March 1953.

[Miss Rice's reminiscence, from pages 115 to 117, is printed in full on a separate page.]
No doubt my generation is the last to call Jane Austen 'Aunt Jane' quite naturally; and, for all I know, to some of my cousins she may have become just the celebrated novelist, 'Miss Austen.'

But my father and his two maiden sisters were steeped in her works, and read them with a pride in their own 'Aunt Jane.' My father also had a great interest in people and in families, and though he never met Jane's sister and brothers who outlived her, he knew all there was to know about them from her nephew, J.E. Austen-Leigh's Memoir – and certainly must have become familiar with ...

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