Edward Knight's Family

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Elizabeth Austen, later Knight, continued.
'My aunts were very much afraid of my tiring my grandmother, but she seemed to enjoy having a little girl about. They kept a vigilant guard and when I left Dane Court I said good-bye to grandmama the night before – she must not be disturbed in the morning. But she eluded their watchfulness and when I got into the carriage, the last thing I saw of Dane Court was dear grandmama at the window, in her shawl and night cap, waving me good-bye.

I never saw her again, she died four years after this, in the spring of 1884. But I have loved and reverenced her and held this visit in my heart ever since, and I rejoice that I did know 'Grandmama'.
– Marcia Alice Rice – aged 84. February, 1953.

Edward Royd Rice M.P. A Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Kent, High Sheriff in 1830 – died November 27th 1878, and was buried in Tilmanstone churchyard. (Epitaphs page 228)

Elizabeth died April 27th 1884, and was buried with her husband (Epitaphs page 228) having had issue:
Elizabeth Rice (née Austen / Knight)
Edward Royd Rice
Portrait of Edward and Elizabeth Rice.

Edward Bridges Rice, Sir
Born October 30th 1819.

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