Cassandra Austen

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Born January 9th 1773.
Educated at boarding schools in Oxford and Southampton and at the Abbey School, Reading.
Became engaged, in 1795, to the Rev. Thomas Fowle, Rector of Allington. He accompanied his kinsman and patron, Lieut.-Colonel Lord Craven, as private Chaplain, when he went out to the West Indies with his Regiment, the 3rd Foot (The Buffs) in December, 1795. Thomas Fowle died of yellow fever at St. Domingo in February 1797, while on the homeward voyage. He left his small fortune of £1,000 to Cassandra. She died March 22nd 1845 at the age of 72, and was buried at Chawton.
(Epitaph page 250.)
Cassandra Elizabeth Austen

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