I am deeply indebted to the following members of the Austen family and its connections, without whose help and kindness this research, incomplete as I know it to be, would not have reached the light of day in any form. I am grateful, as much for their interest and encouragement as for the freely-given information and the loan of precious photographs and books – and I trust that they will forgive my prying into their family affairs! [– Joan Corder]

The Rev. Frederick William Austen M.A.
Mr. Hugh Ernest Victor Austen M.B.E.
Mr. Herbert Gray Austen.
Mr. Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh F.S.A.
Miss Lois Emma Austen-Leigh.
Miss Helen Brown.
Mr. John Harrisson.
Miss Caroline Hubback.
Sir John Austen Hubback K.C.S.I.
Miss Elsie Knight of New Zealand.
Mr. William John Knight.
Mr .Ernest Montagu Knight A.M.I.M.E., A.M.I.N.A.
Miss L.L. Lefroy.
Miss P.M. Lefroy.
Mrs. Rosemary Mowll.
Mrs. Dorothy Nye.
Mrs. Edward Rice.
Miss Marcia Alice Rice.
Mrs. Clare Sage, of America.
Vice Admiral L.L.P. Willan R.N.

My most grateful thanks are due also to the following, many of whom have gone to great trouble on my behalf:-
Mr. T.J. Holland, Assistant Librarian, the Royal United Service Institution, Whitehall.
Mr. G.L. Privett, Parish Clerk of Fareham, Hampshire.
Mr. A.N. Gwynne, Superintendent-Registrar of Wellington, Shropshire.
Mr. R.E. Atkinson and Mr. D. Hall of Messrs. A.H. Baldwin and Sons Ltd. Numismatists, London W.C.2.
The Rev. Dr. C.J. Wright, Rector of Bafreystone.
The Rev. Canon G.L. Cole, Rector of Bentley.
The Rev. E.S.C. Lowman, Vicar of Bray.
The Rev. F.S.H. Marle, Rector of Deane.
The Rev. A.R. Bush, Vicar of Kentish Town.
The Rev. J.H. Edinger, Rector of Mersham.
The Rev. E.J. Forse, Rector Redhill.
The Rev. C.J. Thompson, Rector of Steventon.
The Rev. J. Owen-Thomas, Rector of Trimley St Mary.
The Dean and Chapter of Winchester Cathedral.

My very special thanks are due to Lt. Col. C.R. Satterthwaite, O.B.E., Vice-Chairman of the Jane Austen Society, for his never-failing kindness and patience in the face of a bombardment of questions and appeals for help – and for the many hours of hard work which he has undertaken in attempting to satisfy my curiosity – also to Major Edward Knight of Chawton House, for his kindness in allowing Col. Satterthwaite access to family records on my behalf.