Author's note

AUTHOR'S NOTE (Joan Corder)

I have taken this research into the number of those who could, and still can, regard themselves as 'Akin to Jane' to the third generation only of the entire family – taking Jane's own generation as the first.

However, the lines of male descent from her four brothers who had families: James, Edward, Francis William, and Charles John, have been brought down, as far as possible, to the present day – as have those of the connections of the family shown in the Appendix (all descendants of Edward, but through the female line).

The names of members of the first generation (Jane's brothers and sister) have been underlined with red, those of the second generation (her nephews and nieces) with green and those of the third generation (her great-nephews and great-nieces) with blue ink.

March, 1953.

EDITOR'S NOTES (Ronald Dunning)

The current scan is in grayscale, so the colour coding has been lost. In its place the numerals in square brackets, immediately following each person's name, indicate the steps of descent from George and Cassandra Austen – they being generation 0.

Links that take the reader to other pages of 'Akin to Jane', such as those with portraits or epitaphs, stay within this website. The arrows below the images of the manuscript take the reader to previous or following pages.

I have created links at the foot of every person's entry, which open a new browser window to my Austen database at the family history site, RootsWeb. Closing that window leaves the 'Akin to Jane' page still showing on the screen. At RootsWeb it is possible to view charts of each person's ancestors and descendants, and other genealogical data. The reader should refer to this link for uses of my Austen family tree.

I would like to acknowledge and thank my Austen cousin, Patrick Stokes,who first brought the manuscript of Akin to Jane to my attention, and gave me a copy.